The kids are heading back to school soon. That means you’ll be back-to-school shopping gathering all of the usual – fall clothes, uniforms, school supplies and the like. This time around, you might consider putting together oral care kits for each of your kids. This is something they can easily take with their lunch or in their backpack to keep that fresh breath and dazzling smile all day. Starting good oral hygiene habits early promotes better overall health for your child.

Elementary School Age

Starting around age 5, children can be trusted to brush properly, if you’ve taught them how to brush. Shop for a milder tasting toothpaste. Flossing is also vital, but kids seem to work better with flossers since they are less complicated to maneuver between teeth. Here’s what to put in your elementary-aged child’s oral care kits:

·       A brand-new toothbrush. Changing toothbrushes with each quarter is an easy way to remember when to toss an old toothbrush.

·       Mild toothpaste with Fluoride

·       Flossers – you can find kid-themed flossers at Wal-Mart. These are Fruit Smoothie Swirl with Fluoride and just look fun to use!

Tweens & Teens

As your child enters those tricky “tween” years and on into their teens, you might notice a change in overall hygiene. They will start wanting to pay better attention to overall hygiene. Growing up also means changes in taste and preferences, so ditch the character products for something a little more mature. Look for the following:

·       Disposable mini toothbrushes, such as Colgate® Wisp®. These don’t require toothpaste and are perfect to stash in backpacks and lunchboxes for tweens and teens who need a quick touch-up after meals.

·       Travel size mouthwash.

Putting together oral care kits at the start of the school year can make for a year of great habits and boost your child’s confidence. Don’t forget to schedule a back-to-school dental appointment to start the year off. Call Drs. James and Samuel Owens office today 918.455.7700!