We’ve all heard the line “stay away from sugary foods.” For most families, it’s easier said than done. Although we encourage our patients to eat foods that promote dental health, we want to go a step further and provide a list of foods that you can add to your grocery list today!

By incorporating the foods listed below into your child’s meals and snacks, you will boost enamel, strengthen bones, prevent cavities, provide sufficient fluoride and even exfoliate bacteria from your child’s teeth!


·      Good source of calcium and protein to strengthen bones

·      Low in sugar

·      Great replacement for starchy foods like crackers and potato chips


·      Produces saliva in your mouth, which rinses away bacteria & food particles that may cause cavities

·      Fibrous texture of fruit stimulates gums to make them stronger

Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

·      High in water and fiber, which balances out the sugar they contain, while cleaning your mouth

·      Veggies are high in calcium which builds tooth enamel

·      Swap out candy and dried fruit for fresh fruit

·      Replace crackers and chips with a crunchy vegetable like celery and carrots

Leafy Greens

·      Low in sugar, high in vitamins and minerals

·      High in calcium to build tooth enamel

Lean Meats 

·      Phosphorus-rich foods will strengthen teeth because the protein they contain

Milk, Cheese & Low-sugar Yogurt

·      High in calcium to build tooth enamel

·      Great source of protein to strengthen teeth

Tap water

·      Excellent source of fluoride.

·      Instead of sugary sodas or sports drinks, replace with a tall glass of water

Now that you have your list, it’s time to get shopping! If your child needs some convincing, check out this fun activity sheet on fueling a healthy smile! 

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