We get asked the question, “What is the difference between a dentist and a pediatric dentist”. The short answer is a pediatric dentist has two to three years of specialty training following dental school and limits his/her practice to treating children only. Pediatric dentists are primary and specialty oral care providers for infants and children through adolescence, including those with special health needs.

Advantages of Using a Pediatric Dentist

Pediatric dentists choose to work with children and have a nurturing temperament. They enjoy it! Working with children every day, all day, allows them to keenly understand how to make kiddos feel comfortable and how to explain procedures and oral care in a way that they can understand.

Staff is also trained specifically on management techniques geared toward infants, children, and teens.

Pediatric hospital affiliations: Pediatric dentists are more likely to be affiliated with pediatricians, children’s hospitals, and other specialists who can work as a team in managing your child’s overall health should the need arise.

Smaller equipment is needed for children due to the size of their mouths and the fragile nature of their primary teeth. Pediatric dentists have specialized pediatric equipment.

Pediatric dentists are trained to treat children who are disabled, chronically ill, or mentally challenged. Some conditions require specialized dental care which a pediatric dentist is experienced at giving. Because of this experience, they can also be helpful in treating adults with mental or physical disabilities.

They have extensive knowledge of how children’s teeth and jaws should develop. They can provide comprehensive, definitive treatment on all aspects of childhood dental disease, as well as recognize orthodontic concerns. They are highly familiar with the rapid growth and developmental changes associated with adolescent oral care, that is dental care for teenagers.

Pediatric dental offices are specially designed with children in mind, from the furniture décor to the flavors of toothpaste offered. When children experience a pleasant, comfortable, kid-friendly environment during a dental visit, trust is established and confidence is promoted. Oftentimes, they even look forward to visiting the dentist!

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