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Why X-rays are Used in the Field of Dentistry

As dentists specializing in pediatric adolescent dentistry, we know all too well the benefits of using X-rays as a diagnostic measure and tool. When the teeth are visually examined without an X-ray, only three of the five tooth surfaces can be examined or seen. Therefore, X-rays allow us to find dental anomalies or decay that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Timing the Use of Radiographs

As a result, X-rays can help us detect decay between the teeth, check for alignment, determine the absence or presence of permanent teeth and check for impacted wisdom teeth. In our practice as a kid’s dentist in Broken Arrow, we time the use of X-rays according to a patient’s dental history as well as from the information we obtain during a dental exam.

If the patient does not exhibit a history of gum disease or decay, then X-rays are usually taken annually. For patients who have more problems with decay, X-rays are taken twice a year.

Radiation Exposure: The Risks Have Been Reduced

One of the concerns that parents express with x-raying their children’s teeth is connected with radiation. In the past, excessive exposure to radiation could cause tissue damage or negatively impact one’s health. Fortunately, the X-ray machines used today, including the new digital radiographs, have significantly lowered many of the risks in this regard.

X-rays are Important to a Child’s Overall Dental Care

X-rays are important as they can spot disease that is not visible to the human eye. Also, the radiographs help a dentist determine how a child’s jaw is aligned. So, if you are concerned about the use of X-rays, you can rest assured that X-raying your child’s teeth comes with far fewer risks compared to the great benefits.

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