After receiving the news that your child needs braces, there are certain steps that will happen before and after they are applied to the teeth. Although braces may seem like a complicated instrument, there is no mystery of what to expect while planning for them.

Before anything is scheduled, we will discuss with you the type of braces your child will have. There are three types:

• Brackets that are bonded to the front of the teeth (typical for most children).
• Brackets that are bonded to the back of the teeth.
• Metal bands that wrap around the teeth.

If the conversation of braces makes your child nervous, put a fun spin on it by allowing them to choose what color rubber bands they will have put on. We will inform you and your child on proper cleaning methods, foods to avoid and answer any questions you might have.

Coach your child on the expected discomfort that braces brings. Prepare soft foods for the following days after the application. Soup, pasta, bananas, yogurt, mashed potatoes, and de-boned, baked fish are all good foods to give your child during the first few days. Avoid foods like popcorn, hard and sticky candy, and sugary sodas. Your child can have these drinks, but be sure to brush afterward. If your child can take over-the-counter medicine, make sure to have that as well. Tooth sensitivity goes away after a few days, but have a recovery plan in place as they go through this big transition.

Prior to the application, your doctor will need to clean your child’s teeth to remove plaque and build-up. This will allow for the braces to be properly cemented to the teeth, without complications. Make sure your child brushes, gargle mouthwash and flosses daily leading up to the appointment.

After all of the preliminary steps are taken, your child is on their way to better, healthier smile! We are here to answer your questions, so ask as many as you can. Although braces may be uncomfortable, we try to make the experience seamless and worry-free for you and your child.

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